Sunday, 4 August 2013

Like well-kept secrets

A wrecking ball plunging forward
independent of control,
unmistakable and unforgiving.
Destroying creating,
thumping down grounds of thick sludge and concrete,
making way for itself but soon others can see
the amalgamation of things, the particles now the prairie, the landscape forever changing, the eye but a moment, the then never recurring, the multitude of movement, the vicinities of thought, the remoteness of complexion, the stupidity in comparison, the drive, the need, the must of unique, the race to know nothing and feel everything at once, the occasional pause
the despair to erase memory, the effort to preserve it, the wonderings that seep off the lid of Pandora, the momentous physicality, the false connection, the primitive musk alive as the heat which sustains it, the ephemeral sense of freedom, the fading of fear, the consequence of time tumble and rumble under its spherical weight, lost in momentum this unstoppable force.

1 comment:

  1. Gostei do texto, apesar de precisar de mais algumas leituras para realmente entender, me parece muito como coisas reprimidas, que nos destroem por dentro mas ao mesmo tempo nos remodelam, nos tornando cada vez melhor, e pior. Tudo ao mesmo tempo. Somos a construção, e somos a bola de demolição.